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Book your ride in just a few second!

CamGO, is a mobile e-hailing taxiing service like Uber or Grab, for Tuk-Tuk, Bike, and Car in CambodiaOur app is easy to use and very user friendly. Just click to send your request and in just a few minuts we'll be at your location.

CamGo app key features:


Easy and Fast: The app is very easy to use and fast to receive service.


Reliable: Save customer the hassle of having to spend time waiting.

Fixed- Cost: No need to negotiate on rate/fare.

  • Customer will have driver information,
  • CamGO store driver full information and Identification
  • Passenger can post ride/trip on Facebook

Download now:

 This app now is available for: Android and iOS 
CamGo is reserving the rights to change prices, rates, vehicles in our disgrace.

See How it Works.

CamGo allows passengers to book and manage their own reservations, via iOS or Android, in real time, alleviating call congestion during peak busy hours. Step through the screens to see how it works.

Step 1 - Launch App
Launch the App from your device.
Step 2a - Update Your Location
Update you location by simply clicking the icon on the upper right corner.
Step 2b - Save Your Location (Optional)
Click on the star to save your current address, for latter on.
Step 2c - Select Your Ride
Kindly select any type of service that you'd like to pick you up. We have TukTuk, Taxi, and Motorbike is coming.

Step 3 - Request Your Ride
Once you're ready click on "Booking Here", request will be accepted within seconds, and our driver will pick you up right at your "Booking Here", therefore double check your location is recommended.
Step 3a - Confirm Booking
Before confirm your booking, you can Estimate Your Trip, Using Promotion Code, and Directly Request Your Ride.
- Click on the ESTIMATE button to pre calculate your trip from your pickup point to your destination.
- Click on PROMOTION to enter your promotion code provided by CamGO. Follow our FaceBook/CamGoAsia for promotion code news.
- Click on REQUEST to request driver right a way.
Step 3b1 - ESTIMATE
In ESTIMATE you will need to input your destination address.
Step 3b2 - ESTIMATE
Or you can drop pin on the map to define your destination.
Step 3b3 - ESTIMATE
Drag the pin and locate your destination, then click on "CHOOSE" button to get the address.
Step 3b4 - ESTIMATE
After define your your trip routed, estimate price will be given.
Add promotion code which provided by CamGO. Promotion code normally come with percentage to discount and valid date for the specific code. Please follow FaceBook/CamGoAsia page for promotion code update news.
Step 3d - REQUEST
After you ready to request, click on the "REQUEST" button. Your request will send your trip location to our nearest driver within seconds. You will see some drivers in the list to serve you. In case our drivers are busy or pre-booking, please call to our callcenter to arrange the drivers for you. Our callcenter: (017/090/098) 992211, working from everyday from 8am - 8pm.
Step 3d1 - REQUEST
After a driver accept your request, then his/her info will shown at the bottom of the screen. Moreover, you can click on the TukTuk icon on the right top corner, to track where is your driver as well, or click on the phone icon on the left top corner to call the driver for more detail.
Step 3d2 - REQUEST
To see driver more detail info, click on the driver info bar at the bottom of the screen. You also can call the driver by click on the phone icon.
Step 4 - Finished The Trip
When end of the trip, trip report will show you; price, KHM, trip duration, discount, etc. Moreover you can comment and rate our driver base on your experience and satisfaction to improve our next trip service.